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The Remains of the Day

From Maria C.

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I'm a French writer living in England. My two blogs are: https://predictedprose.com/ https://telpere.com/ My first novel, "La Vie verticale" was published in 2016 https://www.publie.net/livre/la-vie-verticale-lou-sarabadzic/ My first poetry collection, "Ensemble", won the "Prix de la Crypte" and was published in 2017 http://www.editionsdelacrypte.fr/catalogue-editions-de-la-crypte/prix-de-la-crypte/ensemble/ In 2017 I have delivered creative writing workshops for the module "Creative Writing in French" at the University of Saint Andrews, and led one creative writing session in English for the Postgraduate Creative Writing Group at the University of Warwick. Follow me on Twitter @lousarabadzic

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